The Clamour

The place where days are dark

Nights without the moon and stars

Floors are full of blood 

The shouty murmur that breaks the ear drum

Can you imagine that place your kids live?


Let us feel the pain of the kids

Those who are crying because they are hungry

Being traumatize

Being neglected

These kids are so ill-fated they are unable to see their fathers

They live in a land where people fade away

Their Mothers shout in in cities and valleys 

Their clamour shakes mountains 

But the monsters of their land continue to hunt the pure souls

The souls which make the flowers bloom 

The souls which make the sun shine

The souls which make the stars twinkle

But the beasts of the land have powers that maintain the darkness

It doesn’t last forever

They forget it

These unfortunate kids will grow up

They will end this nightmare 

When the darkness ends

The light rules