"God is Love, Love is Art and the Art is God"

Zakir Sheraan Baloch

Cinematographer | Editor | Photographer | Digital Painter

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Jonah - A film by Zakir Sheraan Baloch

WOVAN International Presents, In Association with Zakoism Films

Jonah allows us to bare witness to the very intimate moments directly following intense trauma and the effects of this unimaginable abuse on the human mind, body and soul.

Based off of actual interviews of survivors of torture, Jonah encapsulates the ways in which a person is forced to put the pieces of themselves back together again, very often alone, especially in cases of politically motivated torture.

With 70% of those arrested by state authorities experiencing torture across the world according to the National Human Rights Commission, this reality is one that is happening in darkness all around us and can only be stopped if it is brought to light.

Zakir Sheraan Baloch brings this very difficult topic to the forefront of the conversation with his short film, in a way that is human and humble as well as visually and emotionally compelling.

While many don’t survive, Jonah recognizes those who do and who must go on.

Jonah - Short Film