Zakir Sheraan Baloch is an award winning cinematographer & editor from Karachi Pakistan. He is also an experienced graphic designer, photographer, dubbing artist, screenplay author and digital painter. He currently lives in Bologna, Italy.


Zakir started his work as a graphic designer in Karachi Pakistan in 1999. He worked alongside his brother in their graphic design studio. That same year he started creating title animation for local films in his cultural language of Balochi.

In the year 2000 he dubbed his first film as a voice over artist. Zakir continued working as a dubbing artist for almost 10 years, using his voice for over 40 Hollywood, Chinese and Indian made films. During this time he also worked as the sound editor and dubbing director for many of the films he dubbed.

In 2003 Zakir provided the editing for his first music video and has edited over 100 recorded songs and music videos to date. In 2005 Zakir collaborated with three other artists and friends and formed the creative filmmaking group “Enough Friends.” This began his career as a cinematographer.

In 2008 Zakir began working with two local television channels. And in 2009 he became the founding member of Nosach Films in the Karachi area of Pakistan. During his time with Nosach films Zakir has worked as a graphic designer, cinematographer, editor and director in many award winning projects.

In 2011 Zakir shifted his artistic vision towards his passion for using his art to bring light to humanitarian issues within his own life and community and created his personal art movement called “Zakoism.” He began creating digital contemporary surrealistic digital paintings which he still continues today.

From the year 2010 to the year 2016 Zakir worked with several social and humanitarian projects with local and international organizations in Pakistan. He utilized his skills as a graphic designer, editor, and cinematographer in this work.

In 2013 Zakir started writing screenplays which he still continues to do to this day. And in 2015 Zakir worked with a camera team for a silver screen film. During this time Zakir also worked as DP and editor with local university students to assist them in their thesis film projects. After the completion of these films Zakir’s work was recognized with multiple awards.

In 2016 Zakir moved to Italy and continued his work there. Zakir has worked with Italian based Production Companies and American Production Companies as a cameraman and photographer. Zakir continues to work with Nosach Films from abroad and assists with their online projects.

Currently Zakir plans to continue his artistic journey in Italy utilizing his extensive artistic skills for low budget, high quality Guerrilla filmmaking.